At KitePassion Tarifa Kiteschool we are tremendously proud to have our water sports school located in this incredible place, where today, we find the most important kitesurfing point in the world.

But not only is kitesurfing all that glitters in Tarifa.

There are many more things that make the southernmost point of Europe a place that everyone wants to come to. We go on to list the top 7 of the essential things that you can miss in Tarifa. That will make you come and repeat.

We give you tips in this article that will be of great help to you to know much more about each corner.
So, we show you the 7 super-plans that you should not miss and will make your vacation in the South of Andalusia, in the South of Cádiz, in the South of the South. So close to Africa that you can almost breathe its oxygen.

Come and enjoy it with us !!


1.- You can´t miss its beaches

  • Zahara de los atunes
  • Bolonia
  • Valdevaqueros Beach
  • Los Lances

They are considered today the best beaches in the Iberian Peninsula. Rare is the ranking in which Bolonia does not appear as one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain or Europe. Its white sands, its dune and its crystal clear waters make Bolonia or Punta Paloma still a wild paradises. And that is the most beautiful of all these places, that you still keep that spirit outside of the mega constructions and that is its true charm.

mejor playa de españa - bolonia

When you arrive in Bolonia and you see Baelo Claudia (Roman Ruins) and you take a walk along that beach and crystal clear waters arriving in the direction of Tarifa to its natural pools, the level of disconnection is total.

Don’t forget to have a good mojito at Chiringuito Sirocco watching the best sunset. This chiringuito is when you get to the crossing of the entrance (Bolonia is so small that it only has one entrance) direction as you were towards Tarifa and when you run out of road, when you get to the end of that road, well there.

Do not forget to visit Playa de los Alemanes in Zahara, where there is a nudist part and if you want to take a bath as God intended, you know… In Zahara de los Atunes remember a spectacular gastronomy.

Visit La Taberna del Campero and its delicious Almadraba tuna. Do not miss the tuna toast with truffle, it is somewhat expensive, but it is really worth it while you have a cold Cruzcampo.

Of course, Valdevaqueros Beach with its surfing atmosphere and its incredible beach bars full of handsome men and women such as:

For us, by tradition and being the first, we stayed with Tangana. A beach bar with more than 30 years where you will see the true essence of the beaches of Tarifa.

tarifa paraiso kitesurf

From there walk between kites to the part of Punta Paloma and how not to climb the Dune is amazing. From there there are incredible views of the entire cove and a photo that will remain forever.  Although, as always happens with photos, it is not possible to collect as much beauty as it happens in reality. So better than photos, focus on living in the moment.

From there walk towards Bologna and if you feel like action you will arrive at Los Barros, the final tip of the beach where you will spray yourself with natural iodine mud that will leave your skin super soft after a swim in its crystal clear waters.

When you return to Tangana, mojito and sunset, to end a day in which you have visited beaches, dunes and Chiringuitos. All this, in a Natural Park setting with maximum respect for nature and the environment.

Finally, you will find the infinite Playa de los Lances. This is divided into the North Lances, the entire area related to the Arte y vida beach bar (which you have to visit), Waves Beach Bar and of course Beach Bar Agua in the School area.

On the other hand, when you get to the Rio Jara and the Lagoon area you start the southern Lances area. A highly recommended walk of about 6 kilometers of immense beach and in which it is impossible to get bored. Always offer something.

In front of the town area you will find incredible places such as the Isla de Las Palomas, all belonging to the Natural Park of the Strait and its incredible Playa Chica. This is the actual limit of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. A beer at the Waikiki Chiringuito is not to be missed, concerts and much more…

So what, do you like our town … Well, next reason, here it doesn’t stop !!


2.- Its food, its incredible gastronomy

Everyone knows that in the entire province of Cádiz you eat really well, but what happens here in Tarifa is simply spectacular. The raw material is a lot, and here we have two products that are considered one of the best in the world. During your visit to Tarifa you should not miss:

  1. Almadraba Wild Red Tuna
  2. Ternera retinta

Obviously the gastronomic quality is infinite and there is a lot to choose from. However, you cannot miss eating bluefin tuna, which is a delicacy and in any of its variables (we recommend the tuna tartare at La Pescadería) you cannot stop trying it .. Ah, so we don’t forget: the tuna montadito del Francés is a delight that for only 2.5 euros you should enjoy.

Tuna is wonderful all year round and you can always find it. But during the time of Almadraba it is even better, it is its time. So, do not stop visiting us between May and June.

What is Almadraba

The Almadraba de Tarifa is an ancient fishing art that is still carried out in Tarifa. It runs from the months of April to June. In fact, in mid-June, the Tuna Route is celebrated when the Almadraba ends where different establishments in Tarifa compete to make the best tuna-based tapas. The dates for 2022 are still unknown due to Covid 19, but as soon as we have them we will update you in this informative article.

On the other hand, if you are a lover of good meat, retinta veal is a type of autochthonous cow in the area that you should not stop trying. We recommend El Ventorrillo Casa El Nene in Facinas, a town that, like Bolonia, belongs to the municipality of Tarifa.

restaurante tarifa

El Nene is quality in its purest form. In summer they have an outdoor terrace just in the shape of a ring and where you are really comfortable. Their retinto entrecote is wonderful and don’t forget to order tomatoes with Iberian ham as a starter, as simple as that but at the same time so delicious.

We have already told you about some must-see places. The list is very long, but we indicate our top 5 where you will eat out of 10 in Tarifa:

In each of them they have a specialty where to highlight fish and tuna more specifically, meat, local food … And now it is only up to you to discover it!


3.- Going out to party, the night in Tarifa is cool

We already know that in Tarifa there are many handsome men and women who start the party in the afternoon in the beach bars and directly end up partying in the alleys of the center of Tarifa. And of course yes, that is the charm of our cosmopolitan town, the great mix of people of all nationalities that you can find.

The party starts in the afternoon at the beach bars and until sunset there is a great atmosphere at the beach bars. Some go home and others directly, even with salt on their clothes, go downtown to not stop the fun.

In the center of Tarifa, in its magical streets you will find bars of all kinds as far as partying is concerned. Classics like La Ruina where you will find house music and you cannot miss it. On the other hand, there is a famous street of bars where any summer is simply being able to walk, since there is no room for a pin.

fiesta en tarifa - go out

Legendary bars like Taco Way, Tomatito Surf Bar or one of our favorites like the Exit Bar will be perfect for taking those incredible strawberry dayquiris, a Taco specialty. You have these bars open until 3 o’clock and from there you have two options, well the third is to go home, but that is forbidden. 2 large gambling dens are open, one in the Center such as Mombassa and the other at the main entrance of Tarifa, a true classic, our favorite: Café del Mar Tarifa.

In both places you can have the party until eight in the morning. In both places there are international DJ´s during the summer and in both places you will have a great time. We are more during the day than at night, but if you come to Tarifa and you don’t go out for at least one day, it’s as if you don’t come to Tarifa.


4.- The culture of two continents

Walking, getting lost, finding yourself and getting lost again is a very easy and fun task in the center of Tarifa. It still happens to us after 10 years of living here all year round and we still love it.

The mix between Europe and Africa. Between the south of Spain and the north of Morocco you breathe every second in buildings, smells, streets … In short, in everything. Since there are only 14 kilometers that separate the two continents and there are days when you see Tangier that it seems that you could arrive by swimming.

When you cross the Puerta de Jerez and come down to Calle de la Luz it is as if you go back in time many years (centuries). Stopping in each of their houses to see their patios, enjoying the daily bustle of the people of Tariff, having a coffee (we recommend Cafe 10) while listening to music in the street is a true wonder that continues to hypnotize us. Don’t miss out on all this:

  • The churches, San Mateo is beautiful.
  • Walk through the Castle, incredible views of Africa and interesting museum.
  • Plaza de la Rana and Town Hall.
  • Visit to the Port of Tarifa

Speaking of Morocco, our intention is for you to stay here all the time. But if you have time, taking a jump to Morocco will take you a day and we think it is really interesting, more than interesting it is spectacular. There are guided one-day tours of Tangier, but they turn you into a sheep and you will get a wrong image of what the neighboring country is. Morocco offers much more, it is incredible.

Leaving by Ferry early, in 35 minutes you are in Tangier, which is a giant city full of contrasts and that you may like or you will hate. Tangier and visit Asilah. This small town is beautiful and in one day you will have to go shopping in its small and quiet Medina, eat at the Dar Al Maghrebria restaurant run by a Spanish-Moroccan family and have a priceless Moorish tea watching the Atlantic

We include it as a local plan because it is so close, culturally enriching and so cheap to do that we recommend that you do it. Of course, in the evening we want you back here.

Last ferry with FRS of the day at 9:00 p.m. We recommend this shipping company for punctuality and speed. And be very careful with the clock that in Morocco is one hour behind. When you go on the way you win an hour, but don’t get lost because more than one of them has stayed on the ground.

What else do you want…?? Well, for plan number 5.



5.- Its nature is amazing

The municipality of Tarifa extends between 2 natural parks:

  1. Estrecho Natural Park
  2. Los Alcornocales Natural Park

When they talk to us about Tarifa, it automatically comes to mind: infinite white sand beaches and crystal clear water, wind and lots of sun. And the truth is that this is the case, but there are also a lot of mountains, countryside and places to cross making a route that will make you disconnect and wonder if you are really in the south of Spain.

We recommend visiting the Betis mountain and the entire La Peña area. You will enjoy an incredible flora and fauna.

In relation to nature, you cannot do a horse riding route along the beach. Nothing comparable to enjoying a sunset while riding on horseback. And it is that in Tarifa there are several companies located in the Hotel Dos Mares and Hotel Hurricane, as well as in Punta Paloma that are dedicated to it. There are several routes available, but the most fun is the one in the afternoon through the Punta Paloma area.



6.- Sport without limits

Think of an extreme sport and you will find it here. It is like an amusement park for children and adults but generated by nature. The sports offer is total. And there are active tourism companies that cover all the needs in this regard. If you are a sports lover we will make you a list of places and companies that will make you enjoy the beauty.

  1. Mountain bike
  2. Climbing
  3. Scuba diving
  4. Water sports: Wingfoil, Surf, SUP & Windsurf
  5. Trekking
  6. Enduro

By bike, there are spectacular mountain bike routes such as the Route that takes you to the Guadalmesí tower, parallel to the Strait and the coast. It is an affordable route that covers about 12 kilometers one way and of course another 12 back, if you don’t want to stay there to sleep.

mountain bike en tarifa

Carrizales is another MTB route that Tarifa offers us. This one of more hardness and of about 60 kilometers. This route offers you incredible views of the entire Strait. If you want to rent a Mountain Bike, do not hesitate to contact the friends of Ebike Tarifa. The quality of their bikes, all of them from the current year and their service are unbeatable. ask for Gustavo, he will treat you great.

In the water and more specifically in its funds you will find great treasures. There are companies like Yellow Submarine Tarifa that will take you to the bottom of the sea. Tell you that there are wrecks and a lot of life along the Isla de Las Palomas. This fund belongs to the Natural Park of the Strait, so you can dive into an incredible environment where there is a special life.

foto surf familia

Still in the water, do not stop practicing surfing and Paddle surfing. Nobody beats us in this and nobody better than Surf Tarifa School. We teach you surfing from zero to more advanced. In Tarifa there are several spots and there are days with no wind in which the wave is perfect. Visit the Spa or the mouth of the Jara River.

In addition to SUP, we offer you the best routes around Las Palomas Island and the Jara River. All this in very quiet days so that you really enjoy it. We give you a link so that you know everything related to surfing in Tarifa: Surf Tarifa School – The best information about surfing in Tarifa


7.-: And of course… Kitesurfing !!

The main reason why you should come here to start your kitesurfing journey is because of the number of days of wind we have per year, around 300. That assures you, that regardless of the date of the year your course is practically insured and that when you come, you will come out of the water with that huge smile that you can only experience after a good kite session.

That is the reason why Tarifa today leads the world in the number of Kiteboarding teaching centers with 47 official schools by the City of Tarifa. All of them with a high standard of quality, very professional and with maximum respect for the student and everything that surrounds our sport.

kitesurf tarifa

The idea that a student who comes to learn kite must have when he comes to Tarifa is that learning this incredible sport here is not an easy task, since due to the type of winds, when we have Levante we will find strong and gusty wind. On the other hand, if we have West wind will be constant but it will bring a strong shore break or breaker. This means that you will have to adapt to difficult conditions.

But if you learn in Tarifa, you will be a real crack anywhere else in the world.

But there are still many more reasons why Tarifa is from our point of view the best spot in the world for you to learn kitesurfing. Another reason is to be able to do it in a privileged environment, located in natural parks and between two seas. Only 14 kilometers from Africa and with an annual average temperature of 19 degrees. A real joy !!

Don’t forget that the best riders in the world have their training and resting place here. Great professionals of this sport such as Gisela Pulido or Liam Whaley are common in the town of Cadiz. Very few have the possibility of enjoying a sport while the world champion of that discipline is training next to you.

Likewise, you can learn with the best instructors in the world. As we already indicated before, the conditions make learning more complicated than in places with flat water lagoons where the student gets used to it badly and later when he encounters more difficult spots, he has a hard time. If you learn with the best instructors in Tarifa in any spot in the world, it will be a piece of cake.

los lances beach tarifa

Lastly, it should be noted that the kite industry is also concentrated in our paradise in Tenerife and big brands such as North Kiteboarding or Duotone develop, test and distribute all their equipment every season. Which means that the best kite equipment each season is at our disposal.

If we add to that the atmosphere every day and every night, gastronomy and everything related to sport make Tarifa the best place in the world for kitesurfing today.

Tarifa is kitesurf # kitesurf is Tarifa.

See you on the water!!

More info: Juan I. Fernández +34 615683051