Kitesurf in Tarifa

Kitesurf in Tarifa

At KitePassion Tarifa Kiteschool we can always tell you where is the best spot for kitesurfing in Tarifa depending on the wind conditions. In general, here we experience two kinds of wind: Levante and Poniente.

The Levante is a type of ground wind, blowing offshore. You should be cautious when choosing your spot because it’s a very strong and gusty wind. In the south of the Playa de Los Lances, this wind is blowing 100% from the beach towards the sea, therefore you need to think ahead and be prepared if the things go in an unexpected way. As an independent rider, always assess the situation and have in mind different situations that may occur when you are kiteboarding.

During the Season 2022, the organisation New Angels Tarifa takes to care of rescuing students on the Playa de Los Lances. If you practice sports on your own, don’t forget to purchase the rescue card for you and your equipment.

The Cove of Valdevaqueros

All year round, you can navigate safely in the cove of Valdevaqueros. The shape of the coastline makes sure that in case of any problem you’ll always end up at the Punta Paloma, therefore this spot is very recommended during the Levante. From June to September there are rescue boats keeping their eye on everyone who practises watersports in front of the Camping Río Jara. Remember that some zones are restricted to the schools, for the safety of everyone you’re not allowed to cross them.

Valdevaqueros beach
Kitesurf in Tarifa

Chiringuito Agua – Lances Beach

There are various spots where you can kite with Poniente, the onshore wind. We recommend the Playa de Los Lances Norte (Chringuito Arte y Vida) if you like the waves, or the Playa de Los Lances Sur (next to the football stadium).

Remember that during the summer it’s forbidden to navigate in front of the town as that part is reserved for swimmers. Kitesurf zone starts from the buoy in front of the Camping Río Jara and continues until the Chiringuito Agua.

During the spring, autumn and winter you can enjoy the best Poniente at the Balneario or next to the football stadium (Playa de Los Lances South). Furthermore, during the full moon, the high tide creates a spectacular natural lagoon which can stretch for kilometres between the Río Jara and the town. Please have in mind that when the lagoon is small it’s forbidden to navigate in front of the bird watching areas (you may get fined).

Likewise, there is a multitude of other possibilities. In the recent years, we have seen that the thermal winds at Valdevaqueros have become common and on the other had the Playa de Los Lances sometimes experiences a great lack of wind. During the summer you’ll definitely find the wind at the Valdevaqueros cove, however, it may get very busy.

Football Stadium and Balneario

If you’re an experienced rider, don’t miss out on kiting with Levante in Balneario or Río Jara. Thanks to the local venturi effect, you’ll have a nice breeze and a flat water. Some medium waves will assist your jumps if you’re riding a twintip or give you an opportunity to surf if you go strapless.

In these two spots, it’s forbidden to kitesurf alone and you always have to respect the weather conditions.

Kitesurf at Balneario Tarifa

Weather in Tarifa

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