Hello kitesurf lovers in Tarifa!!

This year 2023 we have planned a very attractive calendar of competitions in which you will have a great time watching the best riders in the world in Tarifa. After the Covid 19 situation in Tarifa we will have a very active and fun scene. Let’s start!!

We have five appointments pending on different dates.



Between April 25 and May 25, 2023 in the Balneario spot a new Edition of the Full Power Tarifa will take place.

The one that last year was presented as the great revelation in the kitesurfing competitions in Tarifa and continuing with the great boom in what competitions of great jumps or Big air is concerned.

competitions tarifa 2022


The competition organized by the great Vlady (rider and creator of the brand of boards of Colombian origin Wayuu) will have the participation of first-rate riders such as: Liam Whaley or Giel Vlugt.

This last year he has been proclaimed winner of this competition after a great show and being the great precursor of the double kiteloop. Indicate that this year 2023 the goal is the kiteloop tripe! We have exact dates from 24th September!! 💨💨💥


Men’s finalist ranking:

  1. Giel Vlugt – Ocean Rodeo
  2. Andrea Principi – Duotone
  3. Liam Whaley – Duotone
  4. Jeremy Burlando – Slingshot

All this in the magical spot of Balneario in Tarifa where, armed with patience or not so much, they will wait for the best day of strong Levante to take advantage of the local Venturi Effect and touch the sky with their hands to the delight of adrenaline fans.

It takes place on 3 days during the month and the essential requirement for holding it is that there is more than 30 knots of wind.

The qualifying system is based on hits in which the judges scored in addition to the height achieved by the trick developed by the rider. Quite a show.

Más info sobre la competi: Full Power 2022 – Big Air Competition in Tarifa (fullpower-tarifa.com)




The best riders in the world meet at the Balneario – Tarifa spot from May 26 to June 16, 2023 to compete in this World Cup competition in its Big Air modality. And also for three different modes:

  • Freestyle
  • Strapless
  • Hydrofoil

The Big Air consists of scoring the rider who acquires the most height, style, type of trick and reception of the jump.

This type of competition comes from the great success achieved by the Red Bull Big Air in previous years and which, to tell the truth, is the most spectacular modality within kitesurfing and the most attractive to those who do not know the sport.

With the support of the Junta de Andalucía, we are once again having first-rate competition after the blank year of the pandemic. There are also big sponsors like Qatar Airways.

best riders tarifa big air 2023

Regarding the strapless, the modality of kitesurfing with surfboard the great winner was Airton Cozzolino with Duotone who was proclaimed World Champion. Second place for Gabriel Benetton and third for Lorenzo Casati.

In twintip mode we are witnessing a great challenge between the 3 great dominators of the world Big Air. Without forgetting the great Janek, to whom we send a great greeting and speedy recovery from here. Incredible show of this discipline where double loops were present all the time.


1st and World Champion: Andrea Principi

2nd Liam Whaley

3rd Giel Vlugt

As for the hydrofoil it was very spectacular since the height reached by these riders when working with much more apparent wind makes the tricks infinite. First place for Charles Brodel who repeats title after 2021.

More info about the GKA: GKA Freestyle World Cup Tarifa 2021 – GKA Kite World Tour


Likewise, the test of the Spain Kiteboarding League will be held between September 8 and 10, 2023 in the Ensenada de Valdevaqueros where 70 riders from 13 countries will take the title of the best rider in the freestyle and strapless modalities.

And the previous weekend the Youth World Cup Kiteboarding between June 20 to 25, 2023. In this modality the youngest, boys between 8 and 12 years old will compete in this spectacular test.


As usual, this test will be held in the Ensenada de Valdevaqueros and the attendance of the public is massive. Great kitesurfing atmosphere and the best riders in the world doing the best freestyle tricks you can imagine.

A true spectacle that you cannot miss. The event is held every year with major sponsors such as Mercedes, Ion… And backed by the most important international kite brands such as:

Más info sobre la Spain Kiteboarding League: Spain Kiteboarding League | Web Oficial

Formula kite Spain: This type of foil kite, already in September, also says goodbye in Tarifa on Valdevaqueros beach. This modality known as formula 1 kitesurfing is very spectacular and will undoubtedly delight competitors and spectators.

This last modality is becoming very popular and followed by all kitesurfing fans because it will be an Olympic test in the next Olympic Games in Paris that will be held in 2024 and whose headquarters will be in Marseille (France). In which legends like Gisela Pulido are preparing and that we will see compete again in 2023. This test was held at the end of 2021 in the Lances Sur area and more specifically in the Chiringuito Carbones area (December) and will return to Tarifa in 2023.

Hopefully the virus will finally give us a break and we can enjoy the best kitesurfing and the best riders in the world this year.

More info: Juan I. Fernández   34 615683051