Hello kitesurfers in Tarifa !!

This year 2021 we will have a very attractive calendar of competitions in which you will have a great time watching the best riders in the world in Tarifa. But in the face of the Covid 19 situation in Tarifa, we will have a complex situation in the first part of the year and in quarantine.

We had three appointments pending on three different dates.

  • GKA World Tour
  • Spain Kiteboarding League
  • Formula Kite

Of which 2 of them, such as La Spain Kiteboarding and Formula kite, can be held since they are in the second part of the year and more specifically the Formula was already held at the end of 2020.

Likewise, the Big Air test in the Spain Kiteboarding League was held in Caños de Meca and this year the organizers are waiting to assign dates when the health authorities allow it.

On the other hand, the world championship test (GKA) that is held in the Valdevaqueros cove between the last week of June and the first of July has many possibilities of being canceled due to the proximity in time and the large influx of gathering public.


  • To start: GKA World Tour in Tarifa 2021.. It is the first big event of the year in terms of competitions, with a double event also for freestyle. That is, we will have a strapless test where you can enjoy kitesurfing legends with a surfboard such as Mitu Monteiro, Airton Cozzolino or Paulino Pereira. And on the other hand, a freestyle test with the great stars of this modality such as Liam, Alex Pastor… As is usually the case, this test will be held in Ensenada de Valdevaqueros and the public attendance is massive. Great kitesurfing environment and the best riders in the world doing the best freestyle and strapless tricks you can imagine. A true show that you cannot miss. The test is held every year with large sponsors such as Jeep, Ion… And backed by the most important international kite brands such as:
  • Eleveight
  • Duotone
  • Airush

It is pending confirmation for reasons of the Coronavirus. Any news in this regard we will inform you without fail on this blog.

  • Spain Kiteboarding League: Also in this new edition that already last 2019 in the freestyle modality the Spanish Alex Pastor was awarded, we will have in the Tumbao area in Valdevaqueros with the best national riders such as: Carla Herrera, David Tonijuan… lose since the new promises of national kitesurfing promise a lot of spectacle after the tests of Isla canela and Oliva. Do not miss the great Kiko Roig in strapless mode.. A show.
  • This competition is usually held between the last weekend of August and the first of September. This year they are still pending to assign a date for the situation of covid 19.

  • Formula kite Spain: This type of foil kite, already in September also says goodbye in Tarifa on the Valdevaqueros beach. This modality known as formula 1 of kitesurfing is very spectacular and will undoubtedly delight competitors and spectators. This last modality is becoming very followed and popular by all kitesurfers because it will be an Olympic test in the next Olympic Games in Tokyo. In which legends like Gisela Pulido are preparing and that we will see compete again in 2021. This test did take place at the end of 2020.

Let’s hope that the virus finally gives us a truce and we can enjoy the best kitesurfing and the best riders in the world this year.

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