When summer refuses to leave us in Tarifa every year, it is when one best finds one in our paradise in the south of the south. When in the north of Spain and Europe it starts to get cold and the temperatures drop, we in the south of Andalusia enjoy an endless summer every year. Which resists abandoning us with an average temperature of 25 degrees and east wind every day.

In addition to enjoying the wind and good temperatures. The atmosphere that is breathed every day on the beaches of Valdevaqueros and Los Lances is spectacular. Hundreds of kitesurfers and windsurfers mix every day in this month of October that seems almost summer.

Also if you go out at night for a little while, at this time you will find only blondes and blondes that create a unique atmosphere of people linked to kitesurfing and sport, and who are the true Tarifa, that of kite and that of nature. Healthy and fun environment where there is … By the way, don’t forget to have a strawberry Kaypirosca at Tako way.

The eternal question that each of our students ask us is what is the best time to come to Tarifa and when does the season start to come to Tarifa. We who enjoy this great corner answer that the best time is all year round, but if you give us a moment to choose, without a doubt May, June and October are the best.


  • Hot weather with a comfortable temperature
  • Perfect wind
  • Great atmosphere.

They are months with people but without being overloaded. 100% kitesurfing. On the other hand, the season starts at Easter, it is the starting signal for the season and it lasts until the end of October-beginning of November (depending on the weather). Having moments of very high season during the month of August. Once the second half of November arrives, it is already low and the months of January and February are very quiet.

alumno kitesurf tarifa octubre alemania

Let’s take out the small and large kites that this winter have been stored in the backpack … And to fly it has been said! So enjoy this late summer that occurs in autumn and come and enjoy Tarifa. For everything else, do not hesitate to contact KitePassion Tarifa.

More info: Juan I. Fernández   615683051

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