From KitePassion Tarifa Kiteschool we are going to advise you which is the best spot to kitesurf.

Taking into account the direction of the wind and its power at any given time. This will determine the choice of the best place to practice kitesurfing in Tarifa, in which there are three important points:

  1. Los Lances South.
  2. Los Lances North and Valdevaqueros.
  3. In addition to the alternative to the strong east of Palmones in Algeciras.

In Tarifa we have basically two types of wind: Levante and Poniente. Although sometimes, during winter, we can find north wind and south winds. With this article, we are going to explain to you where to go to enjoy the safe and fun way.

We are also going to give you all the keys about sea conditions, since in the place where the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean go hand in hand, currents can become important when it comes to kiteboarding.


The Levante is a type of land or off shore wind so you must choose carefully the place where you are going to sail, since it is a gusty and powerful wind. On the beach of los lances sur:

  • Balneario
  • Tarifa Pueblo
  • Campo de fútbol
  • Río Jara

The wind is totally from land to sea, so if you have the slightest unforeseen event, you can find yourself in a compromising situation. Always value the situation as an independent rider and bear in mind that any situation can occur while you are kiting.

If you lose the board or break a line, you or your team will go deep into the sea inexorably. In these cases, we advise you to sail from March 1 to December 31 in the Los Lances Norte Area (From Camping Río Jara to Chiringuito Waves) with the support of the rescue boats of the New Angels Tarifa company.

kiesurf levante

Also another possibility throughout the year is with the east wind in Valdevaqueros, where most days the wind is cross on shore or crossed and if you have problems you can end up in the Dune. Safety is a fundamental premise.

During the summer season, the rescue company New Angels Tarifa is in charge of rescuing the students on Los Lances beach. Do not forget that you must take out a rescue bonus so that both you and your team are rescued. Prices of the rescue bonds that you can purchase in Chiriguito Agua:

  • 1 Rescue: 25 €
  • 2 Rescues: 40 €
  • 5 Rescues: 60 €

We strongly advise you that if you are going to sail in the Chiringuito Agua area (School area in the North Lances) you always have the rescue voucher. Since the boats have the obligation to rescue you, but not the team. So be careful, choose the best wind and the largest space that this beach gives you and get your voucher.


With a west wind (on shore) the star sites in Tarifa are the Lances Norte:

  • Chiringuito Arte y Vida if you are a wave lover.
  • Los Lances Sur: Soccer field.

Remember that during the summer months it is forbidden to navigate in front of the town, this is an area for bathers and the delimited area for kitesurfing begins at the buoy of Camping Río Jara to the Aqua beach bar.

Therefore, remember that from June 15 to September 15 the practice of kitesurfing is prohibited in front of the town and even Camping Río Jara. During the spring, autumn and winter months you can enjoy the best sunset in Balneario and the soccer field.

Remember that when the lagoon is very small it is forbidden to navigate in front of bird watching (area delimited and restricted with sticks) and you risk that they will give you a fine. However, when there are high tides or spring tides you can enjoy the best wind and the lagoon that sometimes travels kilometers from the Chiringuito Waves to the Balneario in Tarifa Pueblo.

Equally, there are multitudes of possibilities. And this past summer of 2019, we have seen that the thermal wind in Valdevaqueros has been common, while in the sets there have been large wind gaps. So, in summer you will have guaranteed wind in the cove, the problem is the large influx of people in front of Ion club and Tumbao.

Also indicate that only if you are an experienced rider, you cannot miss sailing with the east wind in Balneario or Río Jara, flat water and cannon wind thanks to the local Venturi Effect, with a medium wave that will help you fly if you sail in twintip or surf the wave if you go strapless. In these spots it is forbidden to navigate alone and always respecting the conditions, since it is a spot for advanced users.


One of the most famous spots in Tarifa is the Valdevaqueros cove, which fulfills a series of peculiarities that make it special for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Plus; in fact it seems to be designed for wind sports.

kitesurf en valdevaqueros kitepassion

First of all, you should know that this place is divided into three areas:

For being right in the center and for all the comforts that it entails, we love Chiringuito Tangana.

Let’s start to tell you… During the summer months the wind works in the cove with both the east wind and the west thermal. Well, as we were indicating, during the summer with zero wind days in the rest of Cádiz, in Valdevaqueros beach we can find a spectacular thermal wind that is only concentrated in this area due to the proximity of La Peña with respect to the sea.

This generates a land / sea temperature difference creating a local thermal wind that you will only find here and otherwise only a few kilometers away in Los Lances there is no wind. Of course … Get ready to dodge kites because the influx of kitesurfers at this time is quite important.

With the east wind, Valdevaqueros is a safe place where the cross shore wind always sends you to the dune in case of unforeseen events. The quality of the wind is often not the best for kitesurfing because it is quite gusty.

You should know that the first two days of the lift, being a wind from land to sea, the wind comes more gusty as it has to cross many obstacles. On the other hand, when the wind stabilizes it is much more constant in this area. As well as the last day of the east that is asura (southeast direction).

When it comes to wind, you already know one of the best spots in the world. Regarding the direction, delimitations and types of wind with which this place works as well. Now you just need to enjoy it to the fullest and above all navigate with caution and respect the priorities of passage in a place as crowded as this one so that everything runs safely and quietly.


The Schools area that the City Council of Tarifa enables for schools is delimited in its main part from the Chiringuito Agua located on the beach of Los Lances north, to the left towards Tarifa to the Camping Río Jara. This entire area is fully enabled until the months of November and December included, since the New Angels rescue boats are available until December 31, 2020 both with east and west.

As you already know, the east direction is from land to sea (off shore), so the rescue boat with this direction is essential. You have the possibility of taking out the rescue bonus of 2 and 5 rescue that the company Privately Held Rescue puts at your disposal from March 1 to December 31. We recommend that you take out this ransom bonus or that you go kite to Valdevaqueros on the other hand.

But both the quality of the wind and the space available in the North Lances is much better than in Punta Paloma. In the Valdevaqueros cove, the wind is usually more gusty and stronger with the east.

From the KitePassion kiteschool blog we want to indicate two parameters. The first is that this 2019 season, until the end of December, will continue to operate with the New Angels rescue boats that do a spectacular job.

And on the other, to inform all independent riders who can navigate to the right of the Agua chiringuito, direction Arte y Vida. For your safety and that of beginners, it is advisable to leave that area for schools and that kite for everyone is more fun and safe.

Every year the seasons are longer and being able to enjoy kitesurfing on the beach of los lances with the rescue boats is a luxury because it has more space, more safety and more quality of wind than in Valdevaqueros.


From KitePassion Tarifa we always propose a plan B in case the famous and sometimes feared east wind gets very rough and kitesurfing becomes impractical in Tarifa. We always advise at school that it is as bad to have 5 knots as 50

Our discipline is just as complicated in these extreme wind and sea conditions. So we have to look for softer and less gusty winds on the other side of the mountain and where the Venturi effect is much less powerful: Palmones, in Algeciras.

The wind and the sea at this point only have advantages over Tarifa on these days of very strong lift:
  • Side on shore wind, so if you have a problem navigating or taking classes, you always return to shore.
  • Constant, clean wind that rarely exceeds 25 knots. So this makes it safe and that you enjoy kiteboarding to the fullest.
  • Flat water at low tide for fun sailing and learning.

With this we do not mean that our main spot is Tarifa and that when we have moderate west or east like our paradise there is nothing. But always having a plan B is perfect and an option like this is always highly recommended. Another point that we ask you from KitePassion is not to navigate in the lagoon area as it is a protected area and that during this year 2021 it will be highly persecuted by the Gurdia Civil.

  • That is why we must educate people who navigate in the lagoon / marsh that it is not possible to kite there because it is a protected area and that when assembling the kites we do it with the greatest respect for the residents of Palmones.

Hopefully this summer if you continue to push the lift and always out of respect for everyone, we can continue to enjoy the best sport in the world there in Algeciras, which is also a source of income for many businesses in this part of the town of Los Barrios and Algeciras.

You have two ways to get to the Palmones spot. On the one hand, you can enter the part of Algeciras by leaving the car in the parking of Chiringuito Botavara and walk 10 minutes along the Playa del Rinconcillo to the kitesurfing area.

We prefer to enter through the Barrios and park near the beach of Playa de Palmones. Keep in mind that from June 15 to September 15 the practice of kitesurfing is prohibited and we only have the first option which is to walk through the part of Algeciras.


Do not think about it and come to Tarifa to enjoy paradise!

More info: Juan I. Fernández    615683051