For this 2023 season we implement the use of the walkie in our kitesurfing classes and kitesurf rental with supervision. In this aspect, there are always defenders and detractors of the use of this tool for kitesurfing lessons.

After the 2022 season in which the use of the radio has become almost essential, this year we are using them again with more experience in their use.

In this blog we detail the pros and cons of this tool that, on the one hand, can provide more security in kitesurfing and learning, while on the other hand, you get the student used to living with the instructor always on top and that the student does not reach the level 3 to become independent.


We enter the matter with the aspects in favor: To begin we will avoid the unwanted screams on the beach by the monitor to the student if necessary. It should be noted first of all that the student is never yelled at.

And our experience indicates that if the instructor shouts from the shore to the student, it will generate more doubts and fears than security. In addition to not receiving any information. You have to communicate calmly with the student, indicating what to do at all times and there is no better tool than the Walkie.

However, the wind, the hull, the waves… mean that in a complicated situation there is no other remedy and the student must be warned of any dangerous situation and instructed to drop the bar or place the kite on the Zenit, if possible.

Through the universal signals, which must be taught to the student on the first day of class.

Orders must be precise and specific. Do not broadcast anything, since communication in this way is less effective. The instructor will give a specific order at a specific time for the student to understand and execute.

On the other hand, in favour, the parameter of security and confidence that is provided to the student when he is in the water since he receives more correct and precise information on what to do at all times.

At the level of transmitting security to the student, it is a very useful tool, provided that the transfer of information is adequate and without interference or noise.

Likewise, in very extensive places such as the beach of  Los Lances Norte (School Area), with students who are renting with supervision or who are almost sailing upwind, it is convenient to put them to tell them to return to the starting point. Therefore, it generates a lot of security and precision in the classes, as long as the communication is fair and adequate.

Therefore, in favor:

  • Improves communication between student and instructor once entering the water.
  • Greater security since the student feels supported by the instructor at all times.
  • Very accurate for classes with more advanced students, Level 3.



As a negative parameter, and as we commented previously, the systematic use of the radio during the course, makes the student, once he sees himself alone and is independent, lacks the transmission of information at a given moment and is incapable of making decisions. So the student becomes a robot, who only waits for orders, but what happens when the instructor is not…

walkies kitepassion tarifa

The fundamental objective of any kitesurfing course is that the student ends up being totally independent for the practice of kiteboarding. After several days of class, if he is not able to make his own decisions, because the instructor makes them through the walkie by himself. Well, the student and their ability to be independent will be less in some cases.

Likewise, in a spot like Tarifa in which many schools coexist, interference is created in the walkies. So you have to be very fine in choosing the channel and preparing the communication system.

Finally, in strong wind conditions such as an east and west waves can complicate the correct flow of information between the instructor and the student. For this reason, sometimes it does not flow well, however it can be corrected because communication equipment works better and better.


 For a while radio walkies during kitesurfing lessons were out of use, but in the last three seasons they have come back with a bang and we certainly use them for courses.

Our experience indicates that they are very useful and that they provide a plus of security, which is the most important thing in classes.

We bet on them this year!!

See you on the water!!

More info: Juan I. Fernández

0034   615683051