This year 2023, we are waiting for the summer season with maximum energy and for it to start once Easter has arrived, around the month of April. More specifically between April 4 and 11.

So, this year Postcovid will surely be able to finish our season as usual once the month of November has arrived.

kitesurf tarifa friends 2023

After a rather confusing year in terms of the health crisis and limitations, the 2022 season has been more normal but marked by the absence of wind. Since the weather is a matter of balance, this year 2023 a lot of wind awaits us.

Normally it happens that the years of little wind are accompanied by a lot of wind the following year. So ready, set…

And always carrying out all the protocols indicated by the FAV (Andalusian Sailing Federation).

Mostly the public that visited us was international and the truth is that all the students who have visited us this year 2022 during the months of July and August are incredible. Great motivation and attitude from everyone and great news.

This year we have had more female students than males at the school, which shows that more and more girls are getting hooked on our sport and that there are more and more fans of kitesurfing among the female public.

Back in 2012 when we started our journey with KitePassion most of our students were boys but that trend has changed and now you can see 50% boys on the beach compared to 50% girls.

kitesurfgirls tarifa 2023

Likewise, in mid-September there was a significant surge in the attendance of the public on the beaches practicing kitesurfing due to students from Northern Europe.

Just as we did last season with more desire and enthusiasm than ever so that you can enjoy nature, the sea, the open air and sports in the aquatic environment.

Likewise, we hope that the 2023 season and the year in general coincide with the great weather that we have not had during 2022, in which windy days have not been the general trend. Visitors to Tarifa and lovers of wind sports will have a great time with half the days of the east compared to the days of the west.



As for the Kitepassión staff, we continue with the same instructors: Juan, Martín, Jairo, Agustín, Cris… Always with the same enthusiasm to please and the same motivation for you to learn.

This year we incorporate the fashionable discipline: wingfoil, so if you feel attracted to this new wind sport, do not hesitate to ask as we are evolving with it. The brand of kites, boards and other accessories with which we have been working since 2018 Eleveight kites will once again be the brand with which we will work this new season of 2022.

kitesurf valdevaqueros

We are totally delighted with them and both the service they provide us, as well as the quality of their material, as well as Nico’s treatment is deserving of all praise. Thanks to Eleveight for everything and one more season to be able to enjoy your service.

Therefore, this 2023 is perfect in the national environment, since we think it will be very similar to last year 2022 as far as the national public is concerned.

We will take the summer with more enthusiasm than ever!

Regarding our school, as every year we were delighted to receive you. We will be 100% operational from Easter and if possible from here in the south of the south to enjoy with you the best kitesurfing courses and rentals and with the maximum fun that kitesurfing, surfing and stand up paddle provide us.

How the season is presented this year 2023 in terms of competitions is a joy since the offer is brutal:

At the end of 2022 the Formula kite Series Tarifa 2022 and the Second Wingfoil Championship in Tarifa have been held.

Likewise, we maintain an anticovid protocol of action that the FAV (Andalusian Sailing Federation) and the different institutions that currently regulate our daily life such as the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health are already marking us for our courses and rentals here In Andalucia. Among these recommendations:

  • Continuous disinfection of all sports equipment and vehicles for use on the beach
  • Keep a safe distance
  • Using the walkies to maintain this distance

tarifa wingfoil lessonsAs an official school we will continue to work for a long time (almost all year long) with the New Angels water rescue company. We already did it during the short season of 2022 and we were delighted to be able to enjoy the entire team of Emilio Lopera, with an exquisite treatment both outside and in the water.

We have given a very renewed and modern look to our website and all the information you need both about meteorology, spots, information about Tarifa you have on our website:


In terms of entertainment venues, beaches, beach bars and night outings, it continues to be at its peak. Since the capacity will be unlimited and the busiest areas will return to what they were before Covid.

However, look for the outdoors that Tarifa offers you, nowhere in Spain will you have more security than here due to the breadth of its beaches and mountains

Outdoor beach bars with plenty of space where you have everything in terms of sports. Do not hesitate to visit the Waves or Volare beach bar. We will be waiting for you in the school zone in Valdevaqueros or Los Lances Norte where there is a great atmosphere and fun for all kiters!!

In this sports paradise you can find everything from mountain biking with our Tarifa ebike friends, to climbing through incredible diving routes. Tarifa is much more than water sports and from experience we can tell you that sports around the sea are the most fun.

To the establishments around the beach that we already know as Tumbao or Arte y Vida. Since last year we have Bibo Beach House on Valdevaqueros beach.

kitesurf chiclana

As for accommodation, you cannot miss the youngest and most fun accommodation in Tarifa. In South Hostel Tarifa you will find the best beach and surf environment. We will take into account limitations and social distancing but we have to move on with our lives. We have to fight.

So remember that just 2 minutes from the beach of Los Lances Sur is the best accommodation in Tarifa where you can surf, kitesurf and Sup. Do not hesitate to ask us for accommodation in the best Hostel in Tarifa.

Windy and kindy regards from Tarifa!!

Más info: Juan I. Fernández    +34  615683051