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Once your navigation is fully controlled and you know how to ride upwind perfectly, we move as humans to the next level: flying. We will always want more.

The essence of the kite is jumping, so pay close attention because with these basic points you have it done.

You must bear in mind that learning to jump is even easier than the phase that you have passed previously, that is, learning to jump once having control of the kite and the board is easier than learning to go and return to the same point. .

But as a key point, you should not forget that you should not rush and do not try more complicated tricks or jumps than necessary and that they are above your level… Safety comes first.

At first you will want to only use the kite for the jump by quickly changing the window kite. But you must not forget that the cut with the use of the board is essential so that the jump is vertical and not forward, as well as to gain height upwards, it is what is commonly known as pop.


This cut is much more effective if with the back leg we launch a forward kick, the cut becomes more powerful, which generates tension in the lines and therefore when changing the position of the kite in the wind window we reach a jump towards top higher and effective.

Do not forget to combine both actions to achieve a more aesthetic and fun maneuver. Another point to take into account is the use of waves as ramps and that also in your evolution in back rolls and front loops will be of great help to you. So do not forget that by using the wave, you will reach greater height. The technical steps to follow are basically three:

1.- By taking the kite at 45º, go downwind or long to gain speed, speed is a fundamental point, in addition the lines will lose tension and you will be able to make the cutting process more effective.

2.- Cut with all the energy possible bringing the back leg forward. That is, if the board had a vertical trajectory and we placed it completely horizontal to the heading you were taking.

3.- The third step that will make you fly and experience incredible sensations is the movement of the kite in the window, likewise, do not forget to lift your front leg and press with the back leg. The correct movement of the kite for example from 10 to 1 will make you gain in height. It is key that you quickly change the kite to the reverse side of where you are sailing so that you gain lift.

primeros saltos en kitesurfing

Use the bar pressure to support yourself and land to length properly. The correct coordination of the three steps will be difficult at first, but as you already know, practice will make it perfect and fun.

A fundamental aspect is not to alter the order of the steps to follow, a situation that will happen to you at the beginning but once you have done it 100 times, the 101 comes out!! Do not forget to use the power in the bar to avoid making “hard landings”.

With a lot of practice and perseverance, you will see how in a short time you reach very high jumps and you will go to the next phase:

  • Aerial transitions
  • Backloops
  • Frontloops

But we will explain all that to you in future articles on this blog.



We have explained the skill aspects to you. But in every class or kitesurf session we also have to take into account the safety parameter:

  • Check that we have enough space.
  • Adequate depth of water.
  • Avoid very gusty winds.
  • If you use the kitesurf board leash, it is the definitive time to remove it.
  • Choose the right spot

To safely perform a jump you must have plenty of space upwind of the wind (where the wind is going). Logic tells us that when we land, we will do so in the same direction as the wind takes us. The correct thing is to do a visual calculation and not have obstacles 100 meters in front of us to avoid collisions.

Another aspect to clarify is the quality of the wind. If those days when the wind is gusty, during the jump the gust goes down and at that precise moment we are flying. We will fall into the water like a stone. With a strong and gusty wind from the east, the situation is complicated.

We hope to see you in the heights!!

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