At KitePassion Tarifa Kiteschool we continue to be very motivated with teaching kite. Probably one of the most difficult and complicated points is to navigate upwind, that is, to go and return to the same point. Once you have achieved the goal of the waterstart and slide your first meters, you will have to learn this point that will make you a rider forever.

If you learn to ride upwind you will never leave this fantastic sport!!.

Once you have full control of the kite in all its parameters and you have done your first lengths on the downwind board or downwind on the waterstart. You will start to navigate with meaning, with a fixed course and be able to return to the same point from which we have started.

Always under the premise that we must have an appropriate wind so that we can navigate upwind, that is, if there is not enough wind, navigation will become more complicated and technical. So we will lose the upwind. If we have enough wind we will have to focus on the technique that requires a series of key points that we will now detail.


We will have to focus on the upwind in the position of the body on the one hand and on the other in the movement of the kite. Depending on the direction in which we are going, we will do the spoon movement with the kite from 11 to 2 or from 1 to 10 and the first meters of navigation we will do long to get enough speed. Once a few meters have elapsed and with the appropriate acceleration, we will correct the direction and begin to gain space from the wind.

The position of the body is also essential. We will take a point of reference with our eyes over the shoulder in order to turn this same shoulder and the hips. And it is also vitally important to stomp on the footstraps of the board with your heels to navigate with the edge of the board and thus gain space from the wind.

It is essential to have an adequate speed, which is why it is forbidden to stop moving the kite in the part of the wind window where we are sailing. When this is correct, we leave the kite at 45º and focus on the position of the body.

Don’t despair if you have to walk miles along the beach before getting to and from the same point. Because it may be that the upwind is the most complicated in kitesurfing, so patience, perseverance and practice hard !!

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