From Kitepassion Tarifa Kiteschool we are going to give you the best tips for your safety and learning.

Within these two parameters in our school we always have students who ask us to use the leash for the board, since the eternal question of beginners is the use of the leash or invention so as not to lose the board.


The leash is a connection between the kitesurfer and the board, so that once the rider makes a mistake, he does not lose the board that is normally behind him.

This connection that is tied to the ankle through a velcro strap generates a risk, and that is that when we acquire a certain speed and we fall, the board can chase us and hit us on the head or shoulder with the danger that this entails.

  1. There are several types of leash, we have the typical 5 or 6 foot surf leash that is quite dangerous and rigid for use in kitesurfing. These types of inventions are totally discouraged for use in kitesurfing since they are short and zero elastic, therefore, the board has a good chance of chasing you and hitting your head, shoulders or face.
  2. There is a second possibility, which is the reel /retractable leash or popularly known as the “dog leash.” Said leash is much safer since three meters of more resistant webbing are wound inside a reel and the moment you fall, the reel lengthens and the board is at a distance of three meters from you, so if it occurs a rebound effect the board hits you in a softer or almost zero way.

This retractable leash goes to the harness and the moment the board leaves your feet when you make a mistake, the reel releases the rope and it is much safer than the device that we have explained previously.

However, from Kitepassion Tarifa we teach from the first moment to recover the board and to make a perfect bodydrag upwind so that you recover the board without any problem. Since we strongly discourage it.


And although the second device is safer (retractable leash) it can fail and hit the board generating some kind of accident. Likewise, the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) also prohibits it.

On several occasions, we receive students from other centers around the world who want to improve their kite and who have used these devices.

We in our school do not use them and the best teaching you can get is from minute zero is to recover the table on your own.

For your safety and for your economy it is best not to use them.

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