At KitePassion Tarifa Kiteschool we are going to advise all kite beginners from the moment you finish your kitesurfing course and now you are able to be a totally independent rider with your IKO or FAV course certificate with your corresponding level and feel able to go on your own to make your first ridings.

We suggest that even if you are independent, you do not go alone and we offer you the opportunity to come with us to the ¨flag¨ that we place in the school area of ​​Los Lances Norte Beach. Even if you are not with us teaching, you will always know that there is someone looking at you, that if you need advice, there will always be someone with you within the KitePassion staff. You’re invited!!

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Another very common query is how much we can get a first kitesurfing equipment and the budget we need to buy our first kite equipment. This will be around € 1000. Obviously we can buy material (in this case kite) cheaper, which is what will take about 50% of your budget.

As we will indicate later, do not invest too much at the beginning in the board and harness. You should not skimp on the wetsuit and the kite, as they are your safety. You can also find new material much more expensive, it’s like everything. But to begin with, with this material and these approximate costs you can acquire an efficient kite equipment.

  • Second-hand beginner kitesurf board can cost you around € 200.
  • Harness in over 100.
  • 4-3 wetsuit around € 175.
  • On the other hand, a second-hand 10-meter kite will cost you around € 550 with the bar.

Since we receive many students in our school, who without having had a first contact with the kite already arrive with all the purchased material. Later they realize that the kite is not the best to learn, that the board is smaller than it should or that the harness is pulled up to the chest.

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So the first advice we give you: first take a course professionally with an official school like KitePassionTarifa, with accident and RC insurance, rescue boats, FAV instructors and appropriate kite material from the year 2021.

And once finished, the instructor and the school will guide you in everything related to the material that best suits your profile and budget.

On the other hand, there are four elements that make up the equipment of every kitesurfer:

  • Kite + bar
  • Board
  • Harness + safety leash
  • Wetsuit 4-3


In the beginning, in the board and harness elements, you do not need to make a very large investment. Find a large board with volume so that your first lengths and tight are as effective as possible. If you are a boy between 75 and 85 kilos, look for a table with a minimum of 136 × 42 centimeters and a maximum of 142 × 42.

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Smaller of these measures will not give you that extra buoyancy, and if you are looking for it larger it will be very heavy and difficult to handle. Once you reach the level to start jumping, change it to a smaller one. There are many brands but we recommend Eleveight Kiteboarding and the Process model for its lightness and performance.

The price will depend on your budget since there are a multitude of materials, configurations and sizes. If you want something expensive and exclusive: carbon. If you are looking for flexibility in bamboo wood …


On the other hand, we find the harness, always on the seat / ass to avoid that it rises to your chest, since at the beginning you will have a long time the kite in the zenith or 12 * inside the wind window and the harness will be quite uncomfortable in the armpit.

The seat harness will be more efficient and comfortable at first. Yes it is true, that when you advance and start with the transitions, jumps and other tricks you will need a waist one


On the other hand, we find the wetsuit and the kite. In this case, do not skimp, since we are talking about your safety at sea. In the case of neoprene, try to find the best and warmest possible one considering your budget. The water in winter and spring is cold, and if you spend more time than necessary in the water we run the risk of hypothermia.

For spots like Tarifa at this time of year a thickness of 4/3 is recommended. Also the thickness of the neoprene will depend on where you surf. There are countless brands but without a doubt from KitePassion we recommend Prolimitor Alder for their quality and durability.


Regarding the kite, which is obviously accompanied by its bar, we also suggest that you try to find the best possible for your evolution. A fairly common mistake is to think about buying an excessively cheap and old first kite, since we think that we are going to hit it continuously against the ground or water.

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And it is true, but this old kite that already has the ripstop worn by the sun and the wind has more chances of cracking or exploding on its leading edge. On the other hand, but also very important to take into account, is that with an older kite your safety is in danger and your learning will be slower.

With the most modern hybrid delta kites, as they have more depower or brake capacity, you will have more security and everything will be easier for you. So choose your first kite well, letting yourself be advised by more experienced professionals and everything will be perfect.

Finally, there are a series of additional accessories that are very important for your safety and that you should not miss to complete your kitesurfing equipment such as: leash, cutter, inflator, booties, helmet …

  • Kite Leash: It is essential and it is your safety system that keeps you connected to the kite. You always have to carry it if you don’t want to lose your precious kite. Accessory that usually comes with the bar.
  • Line cutter: Essential accessory that comes in the harness. In case of extreme situation and when the lines can wrap around an arm or limb, do not hesitate to take it and use it.
  • Kite Pump: The kite will have to be inflated …
  • Booties: It is spots where there are rocks, many stones or cold, do not hesitate to take it. They are part of your security.
  • Helmet: The helmet is a very important element both to avoid impacts on the head and to avoid cuts with the lines in case you mess with another kite. Very important!!.
Do not think that there are many things, since kitesurfing is a relatively cheap sport (the beach is still free) and if you search well, there is a lot of second-hand material that can serve you perfectly. Obviously there are lot of equipment in shops in Tarifa: Ozu Tarifa and WET Tarifa.

You already have it all !! Now it’s time to kite !!

We hope from KitePassionTarifa Kiteschool that this article will be of great use to you and as always we are 100% available.

See you in the water !!

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