At KitePassion Tarifa we are always up to date when it comes to school supplies and new trends in kitesurfing equipment so that your learning is the best. And this is done more than well by Eleveight Kites, designing a wide range of related innovative products and without a doubt the best school kite on the market with features that we were testing during 2018.

And that made us make the difficult decision to change. brand of material in our center and also changing for a legendary brand such as North Kiteboarding.

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This 2023 season is the third that we work with them and they are delighted with their boards and bars, with their innovative chicken loop, with their new wing foil that are the new revolution of the beach and with their flying rocket or what is the same, the Eleveight XS which is a totally spectacular kite characterized by its ability to hang time or lift time in the air.

But without a doubt, the RS is a top kite that can fly from a 10-knots to advanced to surf a wave. Its versatility and construction make the PS the best school kite on the market in which all of us who are dedicated to this agree today.

It is possibly the best school kite on the market that from April 1 will be fully available to you at KitePassion Tarifa has several aspects to take into account such as:

  • Easy relaunch. We could say that almost automatic
  • Super stable
  • kite Smooth movement of the kite in the power zone which facilitates waterstart
  • Three ribs .. Lighter!!
  • Incredible wind range
  • Four ripstop construction for durability and reliability.

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It is above all a very simple and stable kite. Easily relaunchable and with a not too powerful upper wind range (high end) *, which makes it a very noble kite built on 3 struts and very light in weight. With a low aspect ratio the kite remains stable in any position of the wind window, whether at the edge at landing/lunching or at power.

Getting more technical, our RS comes with the exclusive anti-flaming trailing edge system, which allows the least deterioration of the trailing edges due to the weight imbalance between materials of the kite in its final part (dacron vs ripstop) and that Eleveight has known to manage like nobody else.

Built with the exclusive X4 canopy made by Techno Force, the construction is impeccable, simple and robust with a highly reinforced trailing edge and elastic bridle system in power lines to make it a soft kite in the bar sensations. Of course One pump system accompanied by a simply spectacular bar of which we will make a post to comment on this blog.

In short, the sensations that this kite gives you is stability and nobility for a less advanced student with unsurpassed durability. But in my case, with my foil and 6 meters of kite I am enormously happy with 18 knots since its turns, its ease of handling and its power when you need it guarantee fun at all levels.

This latest model from 2021, the one that you will be able to enjoy at KitePassion Tarifa, comes with more news… You can’t miss it!!


The wide range of material that the brand has is evident, we have already spoken wonders of the PS that if you can, you have to prove this year 2023 that the Covid will surely not steal from us and that we can enjoy where we like most with all the passion , on the beach. We on the beach have other models of the brand since for your kitesurfing Easter rental with supervision we may need other types of kites.

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PS, OS and RS kites: The PS model is a school specific kite perfect for learning and progressing… That’s why we choose it.

On the other hand, the RS is a more advanced kite, suitable for more advanced riders and that we will use to jump, softer winds as it is a more powerful and great kite to also use with a surfboard, it is a full-blown all terrain.
The RS is a powerful kite with a wide wind range, stable and fast. Freeride kite suitable for waves and with a very interesting hangtime. The RS is a kite !!
The Eleveight OS is a single-rib kite, suitable for light winds, usable for the first days of the course, waterstart, foil classes … We have medium and large sizes (10 and 12 meters). It’s going great!!
Boards: Various and of all the possible characteristics we can find. From wood to carbon. The table models that we have been using at school are: Eleveight Process and Master. Both models of boards are perfect for beginners and advanced riders due to their ability to upwind with an interesting pop and very light in terms of weight. The Process is a perfect board for you to enjoy to the fullest !! The Master more and better.
mejor barra kitesurf del mercadoBars: The bar is a true marvel in terms of workmanship and performance. With a totally revolutionary design and a quality of both the lines and the grip that make it unbreakable, the VARY bar is a bar of 22 meters in line length that can be easily shortened according to the needs. This year with the great novelty of its new chicken loop exclusive to Eleveight kiteboarding.

Not to be missed!

We will be reporting on all other Eleveight news during the 2021 season.

More info: Juan I. Fernández 615683051