Hello friends, our blog is more updated than ever this year 2021 to inform you of all the news related to kitesurfing in the mecca of kite in Europe: Tarifa.

In addition, we will inform you through news and dynamic content of all kinds weekly about all the news about kitesurfing in general. Everything related to material, news, wind, restrictions, etc …

In this difficult stage in which the year 2020 and the Covid 19 Pandemic have created a rather sad and gloomy situation, we in Tarifa, thanks to the wind and the weather, have been able to enjoy the outdoors and nature that this paradise in which we live has provided us.

Hopefully this year is the Post-Covid stage and we can all enjoy together again as that great family that we are !!

We link you with renewed articles that will surely be of great help to you and that are written in your language, a friendly and pleasant language so that you understand everything related to different topics according to their importance:

And always with the best atmosphere.


We help you to know where to sail in Tarifa with east and west, how the New Angels Tarifa rescue boats work, whether you come with us or if you come by yourself and you need a rescue voucher and even how to come from Malaga or Jerez airport to Tarifa for your kitesurfing holidays.

 Whether you are a beginner and need information, or if you are advanced and want to know dates of competitions in Tarifa, you will find everything here.

We also encourage you not to stop following our blog when it comes to teaching, which will be very useful for you. We are going to create different posts, in which we are going to explain each and every one of the kitesurfing steps:

  1. Security systems
  2. Your baptism on the beach
  3. Going through a perfect bodydrag until you sail
  4. And even learn to girdle (gain space to the wind).

Likewise, another fundamental aspect is that of the kitesurfing material after your kite course. We would like this blog to serve as a reference for all those who are starting and have a thousand doubts about the kitesurfing equipment to buy and where to do it.


This is your blog and above all, do not hesitate to look for the information you need because surely you will find all the material you need: boards, kites, everything you need will be here.

We would like your collaboration and comments, that this is everyone’s business, a community of which we are all part and that we want to be a reference of information for all kitesurfers in the area.

Here you can find all kinds of news and newspapers of the courses carried out by our school and the competition of the GKA and Spain Kiteboarding League.

And above all we will inform you about our paradise in Tarifa, where to sail, where to be and where to enjoy it to the fullest. As an official school open all year, we encourage you to come and enjoy Tarifa all season.

Likewise, we also teach you from our blog everything related to Surf and Paddle Surf in Tarifa. As man lives not only kitesurfing and in our school we teach all disciplines and learning to surf in Tarifa is a real pleasure.

We will also give you learning guidelines for Surfing and SUP so that you can enjoy them equally.

Greetings to all, good wind and be happy.

More info: Juan I. Fernández 615683051

https://www.tarifakitepassion.com info@tarifakitepassion.com