Hello friends, our blog is more updated than ever this year 2023 to report all the news related to kitesurfing in the kite mecca in Europe: Tarifa.


 We help you to know where to kite in Tarifa with Levante and Poniente wind (Off shore and shore)

How the New Angels Tarifa rescue boats work whether you come with us or if you come on your own and need a rescue boat.

Ways to come from Malaga or Jerez airport to Tarifa for your kitesurfing holidays.

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When the season starts and best time of year to come.

Whether you are a beginner and need information, or if you are advanced and want to know competition dates in Tarifa.

You can find all kinds of news and newspapers of the courses carried out by our school and the competition of the GKA and Spain Kiteboarding League.

We also encourage you not to stop following our blog regarding teaching, which will be very useful to you.

We are going to create different posts, in which we are going to explain each and every one of the steps of kitesurfing.

Likewise, another fundamental aspect is that of the kitesurf material after your kite course. What to buy and where to buy it.

Likewise, we also teach you from our blog everything related to Surfing and Paddle Surfing in Tarifa. As not only kitesurfing man lives and in our school we teach all disciplines. Learning to surf in Tarifa is a real pleasure.

And above all we will inform you about our paradise in Tarifa, where to sail, where to stay and where to enjoy to the fullest. As an official school open all year round, we encourage you to come and enjoy Tarifa all season long.


In Tarifa you can practice kitesurfing practically all year round. There is no specific season as in Brazil where the season runs from July to January and later gives way to the rainy season. In Tarifa we have 300 days of wind a year and days in January that improve the German summer due to its proximity to the African continent and the mild temperatures generated by the sea.

Therefore, in the month of December, at Christmas with an exquisite atmosphere and even in a T-shirt, you can be having a good mojito at the Chiringuito Waikiki after a good kitesurfing session.

But really the kick-off of the season is at Easter and it doesn’t stop until the beginning of November. Earlier in February, if there is a dry winter as has happened this year 2023, it may be that there will be more influx of public because there is no snow.

Indicate that together with Easter, May Bridge and the month of August are the three high points of our season. August the truth is that it is quite crowded, but you are still welcome. A fairly common question that they do not ask is about the best time to come to Tarifa. For us, without a doubt, the entire month of May and October are two of the best times due to the weather, windy days, the perfect environment, the best price for accommodation…

So if you are thinking of planning your vacation and you have time, you already have the best information.


Throughout the municipality of Tarifa you can enjoy water sports: Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, Surfing or Wingfoil as well as SUP practically all year round.

However, the regulations indicate that from June 15 to September 15, the zone delimited for bathers that goes from the Jara River to the Isla de las Palomas prohibits the practice of kitesurfing and does not allow kites in this area.

For surfing it is different and you can practice surfing and SUP in the areas of Balneario and Río Jara. Due to the ostentatiousness of the kites and their 24 meter lines, the authorities quite rightly delimit this area for users of the Lances Sur beach.

Having to move the kitesurfers to the area of ​​Lances Norte or Valdevaqueros Beach.

Also indicate that in Bolonia during the summer months kitesurfing is prohibited, but windsurfing and wing foiling are allowed.


And once in Lances Norte, the Kitesurf school area is delimited between Camping Rio Jara and Chiringuito Waves. In that area you will not have any problem with Levante or Poniente.

In addition, with an easterly wind you will have to go a little higher, looking for the wind in the area of ​​the campsite where it enters more cleanly and stable. With Levante the water is flat and the wind is off shore (from land to sea).

Do not forget that if you are with your official school you will have the support of the rescue boats: New Angels Tarifa.

Otherwise, if you browse for free because you are already independent, do not forget to get your ransom bond because in the event of any inconvenience, the rescue companies have the obligation to rescue you but not the material. Be careful with that…

You will find the bonuses and their prices in the New Angels link above.

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In Valdevaqueros Beach you also have the support of the boats, although there you will have a cross-on-shore easterly wind that brings you back to shore in case of problems. In addition, due to its shape, you will always have more easterly winds due to the local Venturi Effect and you will also find more days of thermal winds.

The east wind is channeled through the mountain and generates more power. Likewise, the mountain is the black limestone that acquires great temperature on sunny and hot days, due to its proximity to the sea, it generates a difference in land-sea temperature, which produces a beautiful local thermal wind in front of the Tumbao that causes there to be wind.

Perfect there and in Los Lances beach, only 3 kilometers away we are pulling our hair out because there is no wind.

You will wonder why sometimes we do not move to Valde, because on certain weekends in August it is impossible due to the crowds. Too many people that makes it very difficult to give a quality class in this beautiful place but very crowded at certain times.


Whether you come to enjoy kitesurfing or not, there is always an alternative plan in Tarifa. In the event that the Levante gets rough and if you want to practice the best sport in the world, kitesurfing.

You have the option of PalmonesPalmones in the direction of Malaga and about 25 minutes from Tarifa where the lift is about half as powerful and the spot is perfect for kitesurfing.

kitesurf tarifa school

Indicate that the River Palmones separates Algeciras from the town of Los Barrios. Between the dates June 15 to September 15, the practice of kitesurfing is prohibited in the Barrios area (left side if you look at Gibraltar) and you will have to enter the Botavara beach bar in the Algeciras part and walk a bit to the area of kitesurfing.

Also in Sotogrande, although a little further away towards Málaga, and Caños de Meca in Cádiz, there are options to practice kitesurfing when the Levante gets too extreme in Tarifa.

On the other hand, if you want to avoid the wind, we advise you to go to the Hurricane Hotel beach, sheltered from the wind and there are also countless activities you can do.


If you want to get from Tarifa to Palmones you have two possibilities. These two possibilities are also conditioned by the time of year in which you come. If you come to sail between June and September, we advise you to enter through the Playa del Rinconcillo and more specifically that you park by the Chiringuito Botavara.

Due to the fact that during the summer the Barrios area, to the right of the Palmones River, kitesurfing is prohibited as it is a beach area for bathers, marked out and without lifeguards.

On the other hand, in the Algeciras area, to the left of the Palmones River, there is the possibility of kitesurfing all year round. This spot offers constant cross on shore wind, of less intensity than in Tarifa when the lift becomes atomic and absolute safety.

You should know that while in Tarifa you have gusts of 40 knots, in Palmones we go to half.

As for how to get there: Head towards Málaga and once you have passed Algeciras, head towards the sea at the height of the Polígono Industrial Palmones and cross the town. It reaches the end following the course of the River to its mouth.

If you have traffic on the way you exceed 30 minutes. If there is little traffic about 10 minutes less. But without a doubt it is worth moving around since in Tarifa you will have to suffer the strong gust of wind and Palmones you will be able to enjoy kitesurfing.

To park you will not have much problem but as advice do not leave anything of value in the car while you practice kiteboarding. It’s safe but we don’t want any scare.


If you want to surf, Tarifa is also a perfect spot. There are countless days when there is no wind and you can enjoy the best waves to enjoy the maximum fun that surfing offers in the best known spots such as:

  • Balneario
  • Río Jara
  • Arte y Vida
  • Punta Paloma

In any of these places you can enjoy the best days of surfing with medium waves in summer and big waves in Autumn and spring. We offer you the best surf rental service and the best courses:

Tarifa Surf – Las mejores clases de surf en Tarifa – Paddle Surf Cádiz (surftarifaschool.com)

The teaching methodology of surfing is much simpler than that of kitesurfing. Since it requires quite little theory, around 20 minutes and directly into the water from the first day. Another advantage of surfing is the little material it requires.

surf tarifa school

We teach with softboards with a lot of buoyancy so that the classes are more productive in terms of the ease that this type of board generates and safer because if this board hits you in the head, the blow is insignificant, softer.

Greetings to all, good wind and be happy.

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